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Chinese Curriculum in Preschool

Posted on24/11/2020
Did you know: English is the most frequently spoken language at home for the Singapore resident population but Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world?

Due to the time spent immersing in the Chinese language, preschool is actually a great time for children to get acquainted with and to enjoy Chinese language and culture! We have observed many children improving leaps and bounds in their grasp of the Chinese language during their preschool years. During this time, children also often have the privilege of experiencing Chinese through both native Chinese teachers and local Chinese teachers who blend and bring everything together for the children.

Most preschools provide bilingual immersion learning, placing roughly equal emphasis on both the English and Chinese languages.

During this time, learning of the language may be effected through songs and rhymes in the toddler years, and a lot of speaking and listening in the post-toddler years. It is also probably most apt to use the Chinese adage “多听多说多看多写” to learn the Chinese language. This means (in that order of learning) to listen more, to speak more, to read more and to write more, as an effective means of learning the language.

Aside from the language itself, complementing this learning through the appreciation of Chinese culture through activities such as the celebration of Chinese festivals, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese tea appreciation can also help with a long-term love for the language.




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