Your Child's Daily Experience

Give your child daily enjoyable experiences that build character, social emotional skills, language and cognitive abilities. Exploration is the means through which children learn the best, and discover that learning is great fun!

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The Eshkol Valley Advantage

Let your child be immersed and flourish in the tender nurturing and love of the teachers at Eshkol Valley Preschool, where the menu and the curriculum are specially prepared for your child's holistic development.

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Our Curriculum

Experiential & Self-Driven Learning

Our holistic and robust curriculum is taught through a myriad of hands-on experiential activities to satisfy their inquisitive minds and to seed their love for learning. Older classes will also embark on child-directed projects that are of interest to the children.

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein

Character Building

Values are instilled during the child’s formative years. Teachers are role models for the children and our staff walk the talk, seeding these values within the children. Our school’s character development programme works with families to reinforce the display of these values at home and everywhere the child goes.


English stories are at the core of our curriculum, presenting wonderful opportunities for linking back to familiar storybook characters whether the children are embarking on the learning of penmanship, words, grammar or creative writing.

Learning Chinese can be great fun! Our passionate Team of Chinese teachers will scaffold learning using their toolkit of catchy songs, stories, games, flashcards, conversations, cultural experiences, etc. Leave the job of teaching children to converse, to recognise Chinese characters and Hanyu Pinyin to us!

Sports & The Arts

Research has shown that the sports and the arts (e.g. music) stimulate the children’s brain development. Early exposure will improve the children’s physical and mental wellbeing, reaping benefits such as better memory, language skills, creativity and social skills. Early exposure also helps us identify young talents for further grooming in future.

Our Campuses

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