Benefits of Our Curriculum

Builds Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

Daily challenges provide opportunities for children to think critically and creatively to solve problems.

In-depth Understanding

Learning through hands-on experiences require more preparation on our part, but we gladly do it for the sake of an in-depth understanding of concepts taught. And when children enjoy the process, learning becomes so meaningful and anticipated!

Social Skills

A good balance of small group and large group activities enable peer learning and meaningful discussions to take place. Opportunities to work towards a common goal encourage teamwork and the discovery of natural leaders!

English Literacy

Our strong literacy programme uses core books as the springboard for a myriad of activities. From stories and characters stem vocabulary, grammar, content interest, activities and games.

We made use of the Letterland™ series and weaved them into a meaningful, progressive curriculum that will bring toddlers from learning phonetic sounds and blends through songs, stories, hand actions and activities with props, to learning sight words and reading-writing conventions so that they become independent readers, to creative writing in Kindergarten Two.

Readers then supplement children’s linguistic and cognitive development. Through picture walk and open ended discussions, children are guided to think critically and independently.

Chinese Literacy

We recognise the importance of the Chinese language, and understand that it is not the commonly used language in many homes.

We work with the NTU-Confucius Institute and for half a day, immerse children in a Chinese environment to enjoy Chinese language and Chinese culture in the local context. Children learn to listen, to speak, to read and to write the language in a progressive manner. Like many other Eshkol Valley parents, you will be amazed at how proficient your child is in the Chinese language after a few years with us!

Mathematics & Critical Thinking

A concrete-pictorial-abstract learning process is the natural way that children learn mathematics. Our mathematics curriculum follows an age-appropriate process and range from the use of concrete and pictorial materials for the explanation of concepts, to stories, multimedia and written work for the reinforcement and reflection of learning.
Children will also have opportunities to use mathematics concepts to solve real-life problems.

Science Discovery

In these well-loved classes, children go on a hands-on science discovery journey of asking, testing and observing, to better appreciate science in everyday things around them. These could take place indoors or outdoors, through research, reading or experimenting.

Life Skills

These are particularly important for our Playgroup and Nursery classes and school is a perfect place to build on it! The learning corners of the Playgroup classes also consist of activities that strengthen fine muscles needed for self-feeding, buttoning and manipulation of materials.

Drama & Presentation

Many of our teachers are drama-llamas, bringing these manners naturally into the classroom! Through the process and product of acting out stories, children grow in language skills and confidence.
We also work with families to provide opportunities for show-and-tell.

Music, Arts & Sports

Music and sports classes are included within our fees and are taught by experts in their fields. We like the positive impact these have on a child's memory, language skills, creativity and social skills.
Early exposure also helps us pick up unique talents for further grooming in future.



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