English Literacy

Our strong literacy programme uses core books as the springboard for a myriad of activities. From stories and characters stem vocabulary, grammar, content interest, activities and games.

We made use of the Letterland™ series and weaved them into a meaningful, progressive curriculum that will bring toddlers from learning phonetic sounds and blends through songs, stories, hand actions and activities with props, to learning sight words and reading-writing conventions so that they become independent readers, to creative writing in Kindergarten Two.

Readers then supplement children’s linguistic and cognitive development. Through picture walk and open ended discussions, children are guided to think critically and independently.

Chinese Literacy

We recognise the importance of the Chinese language, and understand that it is not the commonly used language in many homes.

We work with the NTU-Confucius Institute and for half a day, immerse children in a Chinese environment to enjoy Chinese language and Chinese culture in the local context. Children learn to listen, to speak, to read and to write the language in a progressive manner. Like many other Eshkol Valley parents, you will be amazed at how proficient your child is in the Chinese language after a few years with us!



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