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Which Preschool Should I Sign Up My Child At?

Posted on23/11/2020

When faced with this important question, the following are some key considerations that we feel would be good to consider.


Ask yourselves, With working from home becoming the new normal, would it be more convenient for me to send my child to a childcare centre nearer to my workplace or to one nearer to my home?
If the child’s grandparents or other caregivers reside at Punggol, should I send them to a childcare centre near Punggol so they can help to pick up my children when I can’t?
Are there good preschools available near me?
Would I prefer the convenience of school buses?

Quality of Care

Young children, especially those below 3, learn best when they enjoy warm, engaged and secure relationships with the main carers. Aside from these relationships being present at home, it is important that such relationships are also formed with your child’s main carers in the preschool, where he/she will be spending a large proportion of his/her time.
If possible, observe teachers in the classrooms or request testimonials from other parents to find out more.


Children learn best through active learning, and play is one of the best ways of offering these hands-on experience. As this requires a big effort on the part of passionate teachers to set up their classrooms to provide activities and materials that allow children to experiment, touch and try out over many attempts, sadly, this may not be widely evidenced and some preschools may opt to teach through repetition of worksheets. We say it’s sad as preschool years are short and much can in fact be achieved if provided with learning opportunities in the way they learn best.
Select a school whose quality of curriculum you believe in, and work with the school to integrate your child’s learning with home learning to further your child’s learning potential.


Each family has its own way of allocating their finances. Whilst higher fees do not always equate higher quality, and cheap does not equate bad, you may find yourself in the situation where you find a preschool that you like charging higher fees.
Consider the differences in the quality of the environment, teachers and curriculum, and decide which extra you think is worth paying for.




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