7:00am - Arrival / Health check & Playtime
8:00am - Learning Centres (in English)
(Learning Centres encourage independent and self-directed learning in small groups. Learning Centres include areas for art, dramatic play, gross motor, language, maths, science, reading, discovery, creative works, etc to help strengthen learning in the various intelligences. Learning centres are changed regularly in accordance with the themes.)
8:30am - Assembly
9:00am - Thematic learning (in English) – Multimedia/Classroom
(Knowledge about the themes and in-depth vocabulary (such as names of different types of construction machines) are taught.  Teaching is through the good-old classroom and circle settings as well as through modern interactive projection boards)
9:20am - Morning snack
9:40am - English – Phonics/Reading/Creative Writing
(Children are enabled to become skilled readers and writers)
10:00am - Mathematics
(Children will learn mathematical concepts and mathematical terms through classroom and circle settings as well as through modern interactive projection boards. Right-brain methods of teaching mathematics are also incorporated to benefit those who learn mathematics differently.)
10:20am - Outdoor/Gardening
(Children will play in our sand play, water play, playground and cycle areas. Occasionally, children will also enjoy the fun of planting seeds, caring for them and observing the fruits of their labour in our gardening area.)
10:40am - Refreshments
11:00am - Piano/Music Theory/Ballet/ Gym/ Art/ Science Discovery/ Baking Fun/Drama
12:00pm - Routine Care - Lunch, Bath & Nap
2:40pm - Chinese – Listening & Speaking
(Listening and speaking are the easiest and most enjoyable ways to pick up the language. Children are encouraged to use the language so they may become experts at the language too through constant exposure and practice.)
3:00pm - Afternoon snack
3:20pm - Chinese – Reading & Word recognition
(Children are taught words through stories, tang poems and songs. Our classroom and multimedia reading programmes will eventually enable children to be voracious readers of the Chinese language.)
3:40pm - Chinese Drama & Application/Computer/Reading
(Chinese Drama gives opportunity to apply the language in life situations at our speech & drama room with areas for supermarket, clinic, etc. This enables them to practise conversing in Mandarin in a fun-filled role playing environment.)
4:40pm - Learning Centres (in Chinese)
5:00pm - Playtime & Routine Care. Dismissal/School Bus Departure.
7:00pm - Routine Care up to 7pm.