Music / Piano Lessons

Research shows that music engages both the left and right brain.

It improves your child’s memory, cognitive development and ability to express emotion.  Music makes your child a better learner, teaches self-control, improves coordination, enhances creativity and inspires your child with a lifelong appreciation of music and movement.  Plus, it’s fun!

These classes are taught by a qualified music teacher.  Our centres use Kinderclavier toy pianos and/or adult-sized pianos for lessons.

Younger children are taught foundational music elements of rhythm, pitch and tempo through singing, creative movement and playing with percussion instruments.
Older children are taught music theory and piano playing.



Art/Craft sessions are taught by teachers in the school with related talents to involve children in basic art making using various mediums to express personal ideas creatively.



Our speech & drama sessions are conducted by qualified instructors.  With fun props like masks, puppets, etc., children have fun in these classes and in the process learn to speak confidently.

Occasionally, children will also role-play stories they have learned in the classroom.